Off-Site Painting

Benefits of Fire Protection 

Off-site fire protection using intumescent coatings has a number of distinct advantages: Intumescent coatings can be applied off-site so that the steelwork will arrive on-site with the fire protection already applied. This takes the application of fire protection Off the critical path and helps to reduce the overall construction programme.

A full list of the advantages of off-site application can be found in SCI P160, Structural Fire Design: Off-site Applied Thin Film Intumescent Coatings (2nd ed). This document also contains a model specification for off-site application from which clauses can be taken and substituted in the client’s own contract documents. The great majority of off-site application is carried out using solvent based materials.

Reduced construction time: Fire protection is often on the critical path of the construction program. Off-site application removes it from this position with significant benefit in terms of increased speed of construction. This was demonstrated in a study by the Steel Construction Institute.

  • Reduced overall construction cost.
  • Simplified installation of services.
  • Application is carried out under carefully supervised conditions and so high standards of finish, quality and reliability are achievable.
  • The number of on-site activities is reduced.
  • Site access and weather related problems are eliminated.
  • The need to segregate areas of the building for site application no longer becomes an issue.