Health & Safety

Health & Safety: General Statement of Policy

It is the policy of New Image Contracts Ltd (here after referred to as NIC Ltd) to comply with the terms of the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and subsequent Legislation made there under, and to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment. NIC Ltd’s health and safety objective is to minimise the number of instances of occupational accidents and illnesses and ultimately to achieve an accident free workplace. All employees will be provided with such equipment, information, training and supervision as is necessary to implement the policy and achieve the stated objective.

NIC Ltd recognise and accept their duty to protect the health and safety of all visitors to the company, including contractors and temporary workers, as well as any members of the public who might be affected by our operations.

While the management of NIC Ltd will do all that is within its powers to ensure the health and safety of its employees, it is recognised that health and safety at work is the responsibility of each and every individual associated with the company.

It is the duty of each employee to take reasonable care of their own and other peoples welfare and to report any situation which may pose a threat to the well being of any other person.

The management of NIC Ltd will provide every employee with the training necessary, to carry out their tasks safely. However, if an employee is unsure how to perform a certain task, or feels it would be dangerous to perform a specific job, then it is the employee’s duty to report this to their supervisor or the Safety Advisor.

An effective health and safety programme requires continuous communication between workers at all levels.  It is therefore every worker’s responsibility to report immediately any situation which could jeopardise the well being of themselves or any other person. All injuries, however small, sustained by a person at work must be reported to the Safety Advisor or a delegated person/representative.  Accident records are crucial to the effective monitoring and revision of the policy, and must therefore be accurate and comprehensive.

NIC Ltd’s health and safety policy will be continually monitored and updated, particularly when changes in the scale and nature of our operations occur. The policy will be updated at least every 12 months.

The specific arrangements for the implementation of the policy and the personnel responsible are detailed in the following sections.

Richard Christison; Managing Director

Responsibilities and Arrangements


Ensure there is an effective Health & Safety policy for the Company, and that it is continuously appraised for its effectiveness in preventing injuries, illnesses, losses or damage to property and that risks are minimised for those affected by the company’s operations.

Ensure that legal compliance is achieved and maintained as a minimum standard.

By consultation and the joint involvement of management and employees, enlist the active interest, participation and support of employees in promoting good standards, of Health & Safety management at work.

Ensure that all concerned are fully aware of their own personal responsibilities and accountabilities for Health & Safety.

Ensure Health & Safety is a permanent agenda item at regular meeting of Directors and Managers

Ensure, by the Risk Assessment process, the identification and control of significant hazards and that periodic checks are made to ensure that appropriate safety controls are adequate, installed, used and monitored.

Ensure all levels of employees understand, actively support and implement the Health & Safety Policy, procedures and safe systems of work.

Promote and maintain interest and enthusiasm for Health & Safety amongst all areas they are responsible for.

To be aware of legislation, common law, and codes of practice which affect the company’s operations.

Ensure that the Company’s activities are conducted in such a way that the general public are not exposed to risks to their safety or health.

Enable the provision of competent Health & Safety advice.

Ensure that there are agreed yearly Health & Safety Objectives and Targets and they are understood by those responsible for their achievement.

Ensure that Health and Safety factors are fully taken into account when new methods, processes, work practices and procedures are considered and introduced.

Conduct an annual review of site Health & Safety to identify achievements and areas of future activity.

Ensure that all statutory inspections, tests, training and reports are carried out.


The Directors are:

R Christison

Unit 20

Hutton Business Park

Bentley Moor Lane




Health & Safety Advisor

The Company will be supported in the implementation of its Health and Safety Policy and procedures via the company ‘Health & Safety Publications’.

The advisor will assist the Directors in supporting all staff on Health and Safety matters

The advisor will keep the Company up to date on all current and impending UK and European safety legislation.

Advisor will assist in the identification of workplace hazards and support the risk assessment process and implementation.

The advisor will support the Company in assessing all safety training requirements and where practical arrange/provide the same.

Although the Directors have overall responsibility for Health and Safety, the day to day monitoring and implementation shall be by the Company Safety Advisor in the office. On construction sites the contracts manager/supervisor will be responsible day-to-day monitoring and implementation, with assistant from the Safety Advisor.